! It is long overdue that African scientists participate in tackling the health challenges facing Africa. And we are delighted to see a collaborative, Pan-African effort. Well, done to the founding partners. Let this be a call to action for African scientists, clinicians and engineers, wherever they may find themselves and to our scientist friends from across the world. We are in this together.
Congratulations to the Governor and the member universities on a very timely initiative, now the hard work begins “Health solutions for Africa need to be driven by African doctors, scientists and engineers, in a collaborative and Pan-African effort.
We cannot work in isolation, and we cannot wait for the developed world to solve our problems. We need to step up and drive the agenda.”

Dr. Patrick Amoth
Chairman of the Executive Board of the WHO & the Acting Director-General of Health in Kenya
The Kenyan Director General of Health, Dr Patrick Amoth, who is also the current President of the Executive Council of the WHO, expressed his satisfaction and excitement about the collaboration in Digital Health in Africa and the potential impact they may have: